interested in joining our community?

Any male high school graduate that is attending Washington State University either currently or is going to attend Washington State University within one academic term of acceptance can join through formal, summer, or year-round recruitment.

Information about Summer and Fall recruitment can be found on the “How to Join” Page.

Year-Round Recruitment

Only open to currently enrolled WSU students. If you are a student that will start at WSU during summer or spring 2019, DO NOT register until after the end of May 2019. You will forfeit your registration fee.

Year-round recruitment events are non-alcoholic extracurricular events approved by the IFC Director of Recruitment any day in the academic year (outside of formal/summer recruitment periods), where active members of chapter houses and potential new members are meeting out of an academic setting discussing the joining of the membership. These events can include BBQ’s, philanthropies, athletic games, and more. These events can be found on the IFC website, chapter Facebook pages, etc. After attending these events, potential new members have the opportunity to sign a bid card if offered from the recruitment chairs or committee at this event, and to become an associate member of said chapter at any given point in time. You MUST register through CampusDirector and accept a bid offered from a chapter through CampusDirector during year-round recruitment. Once you register, you will be given access to a Facebook Group where chapters will be able to post recruitment events that are available. You will only be given access to the Facebook Group after you have registered and paid the registration fee.

Year-Round Recruitment Costs

The cost to participate in year-round recruitment will be as follows:

  • $65 for any student wishing to join a chapter during year-round recruitment. You must accept a bid from a chapter through Campus Director as well in order to be officially matched with a chapter.

You only need to register one time to participate recruitment during the same academic year (Summer-Spring semesters). All students MUST be registered in order to receive a bid and participate in recruitment events. If you register and do not join during summer or fall recruitment, you do not need to register again, your registration fee will be good for the remainder of the academic year in which you registered. If you are registered for year-round recruitment, do not end up joining a chapter, and would like to participate in summer or fall recruitment of the following academic year, you must request that your registration be transferred by May 3rd 2019. To request this transfer, email and/or No requests will be able to be accepted after this date as all data will be removed from the system.