interested in joining our community?

Any male high school graduate that is attending Washington State University either currently or is going to attend Washington State University within one academic term of acceptance can join through formal or informal recruitment.

Formal recruitment week will be taking place the Monday, August 13th, 2018, prior to the start of school on August 20th, 2018. This week of formal recruitment will include tours of Greek row, tours of chapter houses, general and specific informational delegation of the entire Greek community as well as individual chapter houses, and meet and greets of entire chapter memberships. The process is structured to help give potential new members the best experience to formulate their own opinions and relationships throughout the Greek community and join the house they best deem fit. This week will be concluded with Bid day and the Bid Day Run on the Sunday, prior to the first day of school, where potential new members will be able to select their top option of chapters they received bids from, and become associate members of those chapters. Formal Recruitment must be registered for by the deadline and potential new members must attend all events through formal recruitment week in order to receive and sign bids on bid day.

Informal recruitment events are non-alcoholic extracurricular events approved by the IFC director of recruitment any day in the calendar year where active members of chapter houses and potential new members are meeting out of an academic setting discussing the joining of the membership. These events can include BBQ’s, philanthropies, athletic games, and more and can be found on the IFC website or through our current phone application, Greeklink. After attending these events, potential new members have the opportunity to sign a bid card if offered from the recruitment chairs or committee at this event, and to become an associate member of said chapter at any given point in time.

Sign up for formal recruitment on the GreekLink app: